Studio Amenities Make Studio Life Easier

When renting our facility, you’ll enjoy having access to studio amenities like our kitchen, green room, make-up rooms, wardrobe room, WiFi, and conference room. And ask about use of the control room or voiceover booth. The production offices come in handy too. Close the door and get stuff done. We designed everything to make your life easier. Come for the comfort. Stay for the parking.

Control Room

Video Control room photo at MediaMix

The control room can be configured to connect to either sound stage. We switch using a TriCaster 860 and a TriCaster 450. The front row is set up for teleprompter operator, director, and technical director. The back row has two PCs set up for general purposes like PowerPoint or Skype and can be routed to the TriCaster for inclusion into the production. A third PC is set up for live streaming the HD-SDI feed from the TriCaster or any other source. If you prefer to use your own streaming gear, the back row features four additional HD-SDI drops as well as Ethernet connections along with two more in the machine room. Any of the sources can be routed to those destinations.

Editing Suites

Photo of editing suite

We have two edit suites with 2013 Mac Pros capable of 4K editing, both through Black Magic Design UltraStudio 4K boxes. For other work, we also have three Mac Pro workstations available for Photoshop, Final Cut Pro 7, and other general use.

Green Room

Photo of the Green Room at MediaMix Studios.

Our spacious green room is located just outside of the common room, which is a few steps from each studio. Off the green room, you have easy access to two production offices, two make-up rooms, and wardrobe. Just down the hall from the green room are our bathrooms, complete with showers. You’ll also find free WiFi, a restaurant-quality coffee maker, and a large countertop for catering to spread out. The TV can be used for general entertainment or be tied in to your video village to watch what is going on in either studio.

Conference Room

Photo of our conference room at MediaMix

Our conference room is available for your group or just you. Set yourself up with refreshments and get things done while watching what’s going on in the studio on the 47″ TV. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.


Wardrobe room at MediaMix Studios

Wardrobe is ready for spreading out and hanging up. Clothing racks are at your disposal as well as an ironing board, iron, and steamer. One wall is set up with full-length mirrors.

Free Parking

parking lot photo at MediaMix Studios

Parking in our more than 30 spaces is always free at MediaMix Studios. And it’s right next to the building. Are the spots filled from a large crew? There’s free street parking. No having to worry about finding a parking spot, feeding meters, or getting towed.

Audio Control

Audio control room at MediaMix Studios.

The audio control room features a 24-channel Presonus audio console with access to wired mics, wireless mics, Gentner digital hybrid phone bridges, the two back-row PCs, audio booth, TriCaster, and more. RTS and IFB equipment are housed here as well. Multitrack recording is done on our Mac Pro connected directly to the Presonus.

Voice-over Booth

Photo of an ADR set-up in an audio booth

The audio booth is set up for general voice-over recording as well as ADR with phone patch going to the cans for off-site direction.

Two Production Offices

Photo of MediaMix Production office

We offer two production offices for those time when you need to close the door from what’s going on outside and get some work done. One office contains two large desks separated by a laser printer. The other has an L-shaped desk, still capable of allowing two people to get things done, but allowing one person to really spread out and take over.

Two Make-up Rooms

One of two make-up rooms at MediaMix Studios.

Set up your make-up kit in our TWO make-up rooms. They’ll make your talent feel right at home, each with a large mirror surrounded by lights.


Kitchen set photo at MediaMix

It’s funny how everyone always gathers in the kitchen. Ours is no exception. Catering will feel right at home with our granite countertops. Appliances like a full-size fridge, dishwasher, toaster-oven, and microwave are all at your disposal. The large island is perfect for serving meals.

Shower-equipped Bathrooms

photo of bathroom with shower

Our two main bathrooms each feature no-touch faucets, toilets, urinals, soap dispensers, and hand dryers. You’ll also find a shower in each bathroom. Shampoo, soap, and towels can be supplied.

Drive-in Ramp and Loading Dock

drive-in ramp for studio access

Easily get in and out of the studio with a raised loading dock or drive directly into Studio A on our ramp.