Sets and Stage Design

Conference Room Set

Our conference room provides great tone and ambiance for an intimate presentation. For example, maybe a doctor is speaking with a patient in an office atmosphere. Or one or two presenters engaging the audience with important findings.

Kitchen Set

Our kitchen set has been used inĀ  commercials, infomercials, and a feature film. Prepping this upscale and nicely appointed kitchen is easy with its neutral colors. When it’s not being used as a set, catering is right at home here.

Exam Room Set

Our exam room set is perfect for medical or pharmaceutical-based videos. For example, a doctor-patient interactions. Or a KOL video. This can be used in either of our studios or in our Office Set environment.

Charlie Rose Style Set

The infinite black background is simple and directs the viewers’ attention to nothing but the presenter and guest. Additionally, it also allows for easy branding with your colors on mugs or apparel.

TED-Talks Style Set

Give the illusion of presenting to a large audience. Using black curtains, your choice of colored lighting, and the full width of our Studio A, your presentation looks like you’re on a large stage in front of hundreds of people. Multi-camera options as well as our Jimmy Jib even further enhance your message.

News/Talk Show Set

Our News Show/Talk Show set is capable of comfortably hosting one to five people. The background panels, metal grid, and monitor are optional. A still image or animation can be placed into the monitor for additional branding. Add your own touches with customized coffee mugs or branded products.

Office Set

Our executive office offers a great location for back-and-forth between a salesperson and buyer or a simple desk background. In addition, this set is easily outfitted with your own props for branding or achieving a particular feeling.

Virtual Sets

A variety of pre-rendered sets can be used when shooting on green screen. Or choose your own background. You can choose to use a basic color or a photo.