Control Room

The control room can be configured to connect to either studio. We switch using a NewTek TriCaster 860 and/or a TriCaster 450.

The video wall contains five monitors. The top three monitors are generally used for alternate output, teleprompter, and program output. The lower screens show all of the sources including cameras, second-row computers, recorders, and any other configured inputs.

The front row is set up for teleprompter operator, director, and technical director. The back row has two PCs set up for general purposes like PowerPoint and Skype. The audio and video output of these computers can be routed to the TriCaster for inclusion in the production. A third PC is set up for live streaming the HD feed from the TriCaster or any other source.

If you prefer to use your own streaming gear, the back row features four additional HD-SDI drops as well as Ethernet connections along with two more in the machine room. Any of our sources can be routed to those destinations for streaming, recording, or monitoring.

Photo of the Control Room at MediaMix Studios
Front from of the control room at MediaMix