Kitchen and Catering

Our kitchen and catering area make you feel at home. We’ve set up the kitchen to not only be used for catering or hanging out during a shoot, but it’s also perfect for catering. The full-size Sub Zero fridge is available to store your cold items, hide any left-overs, and keep those drinks cold.

You’ll also find the dishwasher to be a big help. Who wants to wash everything by hand?

The microwave and toaster oven round out the appliances to warm up those left-overs or toast that bagel. You’ll find almost everything you’d need, just like your own home. The only thing we don’t have is an oven/stovetop. If you need one, a countertop unit can be brought in.

All of this is just steps away from the green room, control room, and sound stages.

Kitchen set photo at MediaMix
Still image of MediaMix Studios Kitchen Set from the film Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams