Audio Control Room and Voice-Over Audio Recording Booth

The audio control room features a 24-channel Presonus audio console. This allows us to control wired microphones, wireless microphones, Gentner digital hybrid phone bridges, the two back-row PCs, audio booth, TriCaster, and more. RTS and IFB equipment are here too. Multitrack recording is done on our Mac Pro connected digitally to the audio console.

The audio booth is set up for regular voice-over work as well as ADR (automated dialog replacement). Voice-over talent has the ability to listen to direction from producers or directors in their headphones over a phone line, Skype, or in the control room.

Just above the window into the control room is a large LCD monitor. This is configurable to allow the audio engineer to view any source in the facility. Most of the time, we set up to display the wide camera.

Photo of MediaMix Studios Audio Control Room
Photo of an ADR set-up in an audio booth