Clients tell us MediaMix is the best video studio in NYC…
even though we’re in NJ!

Just 32 minutes from mid-town Manhattan
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and we’re in the zone
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Shooting in a New York City video studio is great, but sometimes there are disadvantages. That’s why we built MediaMix Studios in the suburbs of northern New Jersey.

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Our sound stages, video studios, broadcast studios, TV studios, LiveShot studios, webcast studios, soundstages and photography studios are easier to get to. There’s less traffic. Load-in is a breeze. We have FREE parking and it’s very quiet. And did we say that we’re really, really close to Manhattan?

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Top Reasons You Should Book MediaMix Studios For Your Next Shoot:

We Will Save You Money!

We’re in the zone.

Free parking with more than 30 spaces in our lot, plus on-street parking if you need more.

Close to everything your art and wardrobe department might need. MediaMix is just off of Route 17 and minutes to Paramus – the shopping capital of the world!

Our sound stages are just 20 minutes from the George Washington Bridge and 32 minutes from mid-town NYC.

Easy and Fast Load-In and Load-Out.

MediaMix is a true sound studio. No re-takes for sound. No audio post costs to fix bad audio.

Video and audio control rooms for multi-camera productions, live or recorded, with a LightPath 100MB fiber for live shots or webcasting.

There’s no better way to tell your clients that you’re working to save them money than by bringing them to New Jersey!

Two Sound Stages

Very quiet with a wired lighting grid, lots of dimmers and 2400 amps of power.

Make-Up / Dressing Rooms

Two make-up rooms, just steps from either of our two stages

Free Wifi

LightPath 100MB fiber with mesh wifi routers for large crews.

Drive-in Capable Studios

Drive-in access to both sound stages


Our kitchen set doubles as a place for catering


You’d be surprised how often a shower comes in handy. We have two available.

Easy To Get To

By car, we’re 20 minutes from the GWB & 32 minutes from mid-town Manhattan. Can also be reached by bus and train.

Wardrobe Room

Large room with racks, an iron, ironing board, and steamer

Close to Shopping

Hardware, clothing, supplies, and more are minutes away.

Free Parking

More than 30 free parking spaces with additional free on-street parking

Production Offices

Two production offices with an available printer to get organized and get things done.

Close to Hotels

Many nearby hotels with prices usually ranging from $70 – $175 per night.
Click here to view all area hotels

Explore more of MediaMix Studios

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Studio A


Photo of the Green Room at MediaMix Studios.


Doctor exam room set at MediaMix Studios

Gear and Rentals

Control room photo at MediaMix

MediaMix: Behind-the-Scenes

Picture yourself shooting at MediaMix Studios.
Watch time-lapse videos of the set-up, shoot, and tear-down of typical productions shot on our sound stages.

Weight Watchers Live Webcast

Production at MediaMix Studios

Showtime's Desus & Mero Production

Commercial Shoot at MediaMix

Green Screen Studio NYC

Green Screen Studio NYC

Discovering the Magic of Green Screen Studio NYC at MediaMix Studios

Welcome to MediaMix Studios, your premier destination for professional video production and high-quality sound stage facilities. Nestled in the heart of the NYC area, specifically northern New Jersey, our studios are designed to bring your creative visions to life. Just a 32-minute drive from mid-town Manhattan, we offer a sanctuary for creators seeking the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and innovation without the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our World-Class Facilities

At MediaMix Studios, we understand the importance of having the right tools and environment to foster creativity. Our studios, Studio A and Studio B, are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities tailored to meet the demands of various production needs. From green-screen productions to live broadcasts and photography shoots, we have everything you need to execute your project flawlessly.

Lighting Equipment and Soundproofing

Our studios are outfitted with onyx lighting consoles and comprehensive soundproofing to ensure optimal audio and visual quality. Whether for film production, television production, or professional videography services, our controlled environment allows for impeccable lighting and sound recording.

Professional Videography Services

From concept to post-production, our team of experts offers a full suite of professional videography services. Specializing in corporate video production, commercial shoots, music videos, and more, MediaMix Studios is equipped to handle projects of any scale and genre.

Photography and Fashion Shoots

Our versatile spaces also serve as an ideal backdrop for photography and fashion shoots. With customizable sets and a variety of backgrounds, including our state-of-the-art green screen, we cater to the dynamic needs of the fashion industry.

Why Choose MediaMix Studios?

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

Located just outside Manhattan, our studios offer a tranquil and convenient alternative to the congested spaces within the city. With free parking, easy access, and proximity to essential shopping areas, we aim to provide an environment that saves you time and money, making your production process as smooth as possible.

Special Effects, Video Editing, and More

MediaMix Studios is not just a space for shooting; it’s a creative hub where your ideas can come to life. Our facilities offer advanced options for video editing, special effects, and even a teleprompter to assist in delivering your message flawlessly. Our team is here to support your creative journey from start to finish.

Rental Rates

We understand the importance of budget in any production. That’s why we offer competitive rental rates without compromising on quality or service. Whether you’re working on a tight budget or looking to splurge on your production, we have flexible options to suit your needs.

Bringing Broadway and Beyond to Life

New York City, especially Broadway and Manhattan, is known globally as a cultural epicenter for entertainment. By choosing MediaMix Studios, you’re not just getting a green screen studio; you’re becoming part of a rich tradition of storytelling and creativity that courses through the veins of NYC. Whether it’s film production, television production, or creating the next viral music video, we’re here to ensure your project captures the essence of New York’s vibrant creative landscape.

Join Us at MediaMix Studios

At MediaMix Studios, we’re more than just a studio; we’re a community of creative professionals dedicated to bringing your visions to life. Our proximity to Manhattan, coupled with our tranquil environment and top-notch facilities, makes us the ideal choice for any project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next production and experience the difference of working with a team that puts your creative vision first.

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